We're dedicated to providing digital advertising solutions with best performance for advertisers in internet financing industry.

The notion of "Internet Plus" has drawn wide attention in China this year, as many see it as a sign of the government's increasing emphasis on the Internet Financing industry. The advertisers in Internet Financing industry are in urgent need of online promotion and advertising solutions to their target audiences, who are searching for online petty loan applications or other financial services. With its own RTB technology and big data service in online financing market, MobiVans help our clients with outstanding advertising performance and satisfying customer acquisition cost.

  • Search Engine for Internet Financing products

    From financilal products to petty loan service, MobiVans help Rong360 locate and connect with its target audience.

  • Mobile Financing Service Platform

    Surprises for new investors, 9FBank attracts its users with MobiVans DSP service.

  • Trusted Internet Financing Platform

    Minxindai platform has more than 1k daily new users registrations, with amazing low cost of user acquisition.

Most Reliable and Trusted Audience Database (DMP)

Most Reliable and Trusted Audience Database (DMP)

Data Management Platform (DMP) is one crucial link of the ad-tech chain of Real Time Bidding (RTB) . MobiVans has independently researched and developed DataVans, for ad tracking and data analysis of the advertising and performance. DataVans uses leading ad technologies of MapReduce framework, cluster analysis and means of decision tree. From the reports, figures and statistics of DataVans, advertisers will smoothly optimize and enhance the performance of the open auction (real time bidding), the advertising planning of campaigns, and user retargetting, therefore make more efficient and accurate advertising activities.

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Big Data (DMP) Key Partners

Under the Action Plan of Big Data Industry from Chinese State Council in 2015, MobiVans is working closely with partners from every segment of the Big Data industry to help online advertisers to have innovative models and business types in the Internet Plus times.

  • Beijing Orient National Communication Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (BONC, stock code: 300166).

  • As the leading mobile services provider in Mainland China, the Group boasts the world's largest mobile network and the world's largest mobile customer base.

  • One of the three leading telecom operators in China, China Telecom is a Fortune 500 Company.

  • As the only Chinese telecom operator listed on the stock exchanges in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

  • A multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products, including online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

  • Offers many services online, including a Chinese language-search engine for websites, audio files and images, as well as online communities and wireless applications.

  • Taobao Ad Network & Exchange

  • Leading mobile ad exchange in China

Publishers and Media Partners

MobiVans helps publisers from both China mainland and overseas with intelligent monetization service for desktop and mobile inventory. With powerful algorithm model and user-friendly interface, publishers can substantially enhance the efficiency of monetization management as well as raising their monetizing revenue to a new level.

About MobiVans

About MobiVans

MobiVans was founded in 2014, and embraced a key partnership program of Google ever since. MobiVans is the service provider of big data management & integration and programmatic buying technology. We utilize the leading big data management platform DataVans, and mobile advertising technology of Demand Side Plat-form (DSP), collect and analyze the data of the target audience. We provide comprehensive and outcome-based solutions for financial and automobile clients' branding and marketing demands on mobile networks. MobiVans is making with best efforts of advertising technology implementation under the National Big Data Development Outlines of China.

As vangard of mobile digital advertising in APAC, MobiVans shares with advertisers of its advertising technology and expertise in big data analysis and utilization. The trinity of HiVans, AdVans and DataVans help online advertisers with outstanding ad performance and ROI, in mobile, desktop and data management, respectively.

In 2015, MobiVans' been awarded with both "Best Mobile Advertising Company of the Year", and "Best Mobile Ad Platform of the Year", to double the titles from the renowned Advertisers Magazine of China.

MobiVans is dedicated to tech-driven innovation of mobile advertising based on big data management expertise. We help our clients with best and tangible goals of advertising in the times of Data Technology (DT).

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